Office of Research Compliance

New York University School of Medicine is committed to the highest standards of excellence and integrity in all its research endeavors, and promotes the ethical conduct of research. The Office of Research Compliance provides support and education for faculty members, students, and staff in conducting scientific research in accord with regulatory requirements and ethical standards. The Office of Research Compliance has three main responsibilities: research compliance oversight, education, and information clearinghouse.

The Office of Research Compliance supports all research-related institutional oversight functions, including:


  • Responsive policies and procedures to ensure that research practices conform to relevant requirements
  • Ongoing self-assessment of research compliance issues, programs, unmet needs, and action plans
  • Educational programs and resources to help researchers and research staff understand the regulatory environment in which they operate
  • Auditing and monitoring for compliance
  • Systems to address noncompliance, including safe avenues for reporting concerns, investigative processes, and appropriate sanctions
  • Institutional and individual accountability characterized by clearly defined roles and responsibilities

Any member of the NYU School of Medicine research community with concerns or suggestions about research compliance, or allegations of research misconduct, can contact the Office of Research Compliance.

Office of Research Compliance
(212) 404-4079